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Sacredness of Bodywork

Massage therapy and bodywork began as a sacred system of natural healing. The laying of hands was even seen as a holy ritual. However shifts of culture prevalent today often render therapy as a disreputable form of indulgence, or worse - a taboo. Completely not acknowledging its enriching ways of work in our lives. Ancient, timeless ways of relating to bodywork are re-emerging in culture paralleling alterations in collective consciousness that keep living through us.

After an extensive period in history, we return to revitalising medicines of soul craft accompanied with the work of hands and therapy that flows with the wise intelligence orchestrating each life form.

Open we become to deeper ways of healing.. Open we find ourselves In body in enlightened awareness, contacting portals and realms unearthing realisations of our own divinity and guiding relevations. An experience for receiving, rekindling trust, intuition and creative life. Through process Re-membering body, the vessel of life in human experience.

Touch, somatic work is ever anchored as a valuable, integral thread known for generations.

Thank goodness we’re remembering what was always known.

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