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When you touch one thing
with deep awareness, you touch everything.


~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Our founder.

Rachel Gaynor

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. Having lived a life of high performance, high demands and high expectations, I know all too well the pressures of modern life and my hope is to provide support to those looking for a more peaceful route. 

At its simplest, Wholebeing is a massage service, and my desire is to provide an offering that honours your body, calms your mind and nourishes your spirit.

It is my belief that true health comes from a carefully balanced system and my passion for whole health has been the driving force behind Wholebeing.

Qualifications: 2008 Certificate IV Fitness, 2010 Bachelor of Health Science (Foundation in Physiotherapy), 2013 CrossFit Level One (reaccredited 2017), 2015 Diploma of Remedial Massage, 2017 Yoga Teacher Training 200HR Yin Yang, 2018 Reiki First Degree, 2019 Yoga Immersion Studies 200HR, 2019 Reiki Second Degree, 2019 Zen Thai Shiastu Level One


Our pillars.

Passion and deep care drive everything we do at Wholebeing and our mission and service centre around supporting the three pillars of health, performance and longevity.



Beginning with the physical and extending to the mental, emotional and spiritual.



Mastery. Excellence. Exceeding limits. Moving beyond what was believed possible.



Health and vitality through the many seasons of life. Playing the long game.

With thanks.

I have been blessed with many incredible mentors, teachers and humans in this life, and I wanted to take a quick moment to thank those that have helped me on this journey.

My mother and father, Debbie and Glenn. My beautiful and gifted sisters Jess and Steph.

Robert and Gail Toll - Australian Academy of Jujitsu. Jamie Johnson - CrossFit Horizons. Jason and Trish Wallace - Newcastle Float Centre. Josephine Smith, Pauline Chiarelli, Peter Osmotherly, Megan Jones, Bob Callister - Newcastle University. Joe Fairleigh - Ayurveda Earth. Shae Fairleigh - Astro Healing. Holliea Fairleigh - Shakti Holistic Healing. Josh and Rach Pole - Infuse Health. Rod Cooper, Jeni Therese - The Movement Collective. Declan Edwards, Jordan Jensen - BU Coaching. John Marsh - Access Potential Academy. Frou Williams - Death by Lycra. Sakio Bika - WBC Super Middleweight World Champion, IBO Work Champion, All African Champion, Olympian, NABF Champion. Karl Jaross - Mind Presence Movement. Janaina Moura, Louis Hill, Meg Spry - Yoga Body Works. Nathan and Claire Walshe - Verve For Life. Rebekah Atkins, Daniela and Joel Griffiths. Mitchell and Kim Cox - CrossFit DECK.  Jarrod Schadel - Pure Movement and Performance. Cveta Jovanoska - Yoga Loft. Sonia Leigh - Zen Thai Shiatsu. Arnie and Kayla - Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Charlestown.

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